[ Printed item. ] Prospectus and forms of application for a share issue by the Ekman Pulp and Paper Company, Limited: '4½ First Mortgage Debentures of £100 Each'.

The Ekman Pulp and Paper Company, Limited. ('Paper Mills at Northfleet, Kent, and Ilford, Essex.') [ Carl Daniel Ekman (1845-1904), Swedish chemist and industrialist ] Sir Richard Harington ]
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[ The Ekman Pulp and Paper Company, Limited, London, 1896. ] Ford & Turner Printers, 77, Coleman Street, E.C.

Three items, folded into the customary packet. In very good condition, lightly aged. ONE: Prospectus. 4pp., 8vo. Includes the memorandum of association, in small print. The prospectus, dated 12 May 1896, begins: 'The Company was constituted in 1883. It possesses two Mills, one at Northfleet (freehold) with a complete plant for the manufacture of sulphite wood-pulp and four paper machines, and the other at Ilford (leasehold) with one paper machine. The out-put of these five machines is now 150 tons of paper per week.' Docketed at head of first leaf by Sir Richard Harington.

Typed Letter Signed to G. K. Menzies, [Secretary,] Royal Society of Arts.

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30 June 1933; on letterhead of 'ILFORD LIMITED | Manufacturers of Sensitised | Photographic Materials'.

Anglo-Danish research chemist (died 1944), a pioneer of infrared photography. One page, quarto. Very good, though a bit grubby and with a few small staple holes. 'Will you kindly thank the Council of the Royal Society of Arts for the honour conferred upon me in awarding to me a silver medal for my paper on Infra-Red Photography.' He will be present at the 'opening meeting of the next session'. Signed 'Olaf Bloch'.

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