[ Maggs Brothers.] Two Autograph Letters Signed by W. E. Lent, reporting on sale, with copy of ''Hallgate Auction Rooms, Doncaster. Catalogue of the Library of Rare and Valuable Books, The Property of G. E. Crouch Yarborough, Esq.'

[ W. E. Lent [William Lent] of Maggs Brothers, London booksellers; G. E. Cooke-Yarborough; J. H. Crouch & Son F.A.I., Hallgate Auction Rooms, Doncaster ]
Publication details: 
Letters both on letterhead of Danum Hotel, Doncaster. 11 and 12 February 1931. Auction catalogue: J. H. Crouch & Son F.A.I., Hallgate Auction Rooms, Doncaster. 11, 12 and 13 February 1931.

The two letters each 1p., 4to. Both on aged paper, with wear to left hand margin causing loss to text. In the first letter Lent gives details of 8 of his 17 purchases on that day, adding that 'The Lots sold quite well, a good many co are here, also Bowes, Blackwell, Mc Leis Taylor (Scheurer). Edwards, Pickering & E. Mathews, have marks.' In the second letter he gives details of 5 of his 10 purchases, one of them for 'Mr Butterwick'. He gives details of three commissions which Butterwick left with him, only one of which was successful. Catalogue: 31 + [1]pp., 4to.

[Printed] Mandement de Monseigneur L'Évêque de Bayeux, pour le Carême de 1836

[Charles, Évêque de Bayeux]
Publication details: 
Bayeux, de l'Imprimerie de Nicolle, Imprimeur de Mgr L'Eveque, Rue Saint-Jean, 1836

13pp., 4to, unbound as issued, faint spotting, mainly good condition. Attractive printing. No other copy found on COPAC, WorldCat or BnF

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