[ Frederick Locker-Lampson, author, poet and bibliophile. ] Bookplate from the Rowfant Library of 'Frederick Locker', depicting a jester and with motto 'Fear God Fear Nought'.

Frederick Locker-Lampson [ Frederick Locker ] (1821-1895), author, poet and bibliophile [ Rowfant Library ]
Publication details: 
Printer, place and date not stated (before 1885 when he took on the additional name of Lampson).

For information about Locker-Lampson, see his entry in the Oxford DNB. The bookplate is on a piece of paper 11 x 8.5 cm. Dimensions of plate 8.5 x 6.5 cm. It depicts a jester, sitting on a log at the foot of a tree from whose branches an armorial shield hangs, with a bird at his feet and a wall behind him. With the word 'FREDERICK' at the head; 'LOCKER' at the foot; 'FEAR GOD' to the left and ''FEAR NOUGHT' to the right. In fair condition, somewhat aged and ruckled and with evidence of removal from a volume.

Autograph Letter Signed ('Coulson Kernahan') from the English novelist John Coulson Kernahan, responding in a jocular fashion to a request for an autograph.

John Coulson Kernahan (1858-1943), English novelist
Publication details: 
On letterhead of "Thrums", Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex.10 November 1900.

1p., 16mo. 13 lines. In fair condition, lightly-faded on grey paper. 'You are quite welcome to my autograph - as long as you don't ask for it at the front of a cheque.' He apologises for not replying to the 'first letter': 'Let me make amends by sending this by return of post.' Signed 'Autographically Yours, | [signed] Coulson Kernahan'

Typed Letter Signed ('Oliver Locker Lampson') to Dr E. E. Lewis.

Oliver Stillingfleet Locker-Lampson (1880-1954), British Conservative Member of Parliament for North Huntingdonshire, Commander of an Armoured Car Unit in the First World War
Publication details: 
23 July 1913; on embossed House of Commons letterhead.

One page, folio. Very good on lightly creased paper. Headed 'FIGHTING FUND' and listing the members of the 'PROVISIONAL COMMITTEE' (including Lampson as Honorary Secretary, and the Duke of Westminster and Earl of Malmesbury). Communication of twenty-seven lines, with decided proto-fascistic overtones.

Typed Letter Signed ('O Locker Lampson') to unnamed female correspondent.

Commander Oliver Locker-Lampson (1880-1954), Conservative MP for North Huntingdonshire (1910-22) and Handsworth (1922-45) [Hands Off Britain "Clear out the Reds" Campaign; communism; anti-communist]
Publication details: 
Undated; on letterhead of the 'Hands Off Britain "Clear out the Reds" Campaign', St. Stephen's House, Westminster.

4to, 1 p, 9 lines. On behalf of his 'Committee' acknowledging his correspondent's 'kind letter with its generous contribution to the funds of our Campaign', adding 'a message of individual thanks from myself to you for your mostt encouraging support'. 'Our Campaign is prospering, and we hope soon to complete our success by the early expulsion of the Reds.' His correspondent's 'welcome help' is of 'great value'.

Autograph Note Signed to [?] Locker [Arthur Locker or Frederick Locker-Lampson]

Charles Hamilton Aidé [Aide, Aïdé]
Publication details: 
Without date; on letterhead 'Aston Clinton, | Tring.'

Author and musician (1826-1906), described by Louise Jopling as 'a rich bachelor' and 'a noted figure in the seventies'. 1 page, 16mo. In good condition despite slight creasing and discoloration. Letterhead in green and black ink. Reads 'My dear Locker, | Many thanks - I will meet you at the Athenaeum at 3 o'Ck. on Tuesday - I have done, & shall do nothing till then. | Every yrs. | Hamilton Aïdé'.

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