[Battle of Normandy, 1944.] 'Secret' British Army pamphlet titled 'OPERATION “OVERLORD” - 1944 | Report by AQMG (Ops) EASTERN COMMAND', describing 'the part played by Eastern Command in the preparations for and launching of the operation'.

[Operation Overlord (Battle of Normandy), 1944] 'AQMG (Ops) EASTERN COMMAND' [i.e. Lieut.-Col. Colin Thornton-Kernsley (1903-1977)]
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[Operation Overlord, Eastern Command, 1944] On final page: 'D 53664-1 175 D/d E.C.2144 11/44 70'. '11/44' signifies the date of the pamphlet, November 1944, and '70' the number of copies printed.

Sir Colin Thornton-Kernsley is identified as author from the first of the pamphlet's seven appendices ('Eastern Command | List of officers principally concerned with plans for the mounting of Overlord'), where he is described as: 'Chairman: AQMG(Ops) Lt. Col. C. N. Thornton Kernsley MP-RA'.

[ John Spencer Smith, diplomat, politician and writer. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('J. S. Smith. | president de la Société Linnéenne, vice prés. de celle des Antiqq. de Normandie, &c.'), in French, presenting two of his works to 'Mr. N[érée]. Boubée'.

John Spencer Smith (1769-1845), FRS, British diplomat, politician and writer, President, Société Linnéenne de Normandie; Vice-President, Société des Antiquaires de Normandie; Nérée Boubée (1806-1862),
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'Caen rue des Chanoines 3'. 2 August 1835.

1p., 12mo. In good condition, lightly aged and worn. Addressed on reverse (with 'R.S.V.P.') to 'Monsieur N. Boubée | correspondant de la société linnéenne de Mormandie | Paris'. (Nérée Boubée, naturalist, Professor at the University of Paris.) He offers him two works: he is the 'compilateur' of the first, which is titled 'Souvenirs de Bayeux', and 'editeur-annotateur of the second, 'la biographie de Bochart', of which 'le texte est l'oeuvre d'un de mes fils'). It may be that in his reading of the two Boubée encounters 'quelques passages susceptibles d'être cités dans l'Écho du monde savant'.

[ Textiles; French ]Collection of 105 items of correspondence, in French, 1815 and 1822 by various companies to Messrs Henry Pierre Delacroix et Fils, textile manufacturers of Elbeuf, Normandy, including accounts and political and social references.

Messrs Henry Pierre Delacroix et Fils, textile manufacturers of Elbeuf, Normandy
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Written between May 1815 and October 1822. Addressed to Messrs Henri Pierre Delacroix et Fils of Elbeuf, Normandy, from various French locations (principally Paris).

105 items of correspondence, in French, in various formats (mainly 8vo). In good condition on lightly-aged paper. Each text clear and complete. The whole contained in a grey paper folder with 'Juillet 1818' on the front wrap. Each item unobtrusively numbered in neat red pencil. Featuring a wide range of the correspondents, as few write more than once. Occasional letters docketed. Accompanied by a modern abstract by a French-speaker, reflecting the difficulty of the various hands contained in the collection.

[Printed document in French.] Mandement de Mgr. l'Évêque de Bayeux, Pour la Publication du Cérémonial du Diocèse.

Charles, Évêque de Bayeux [ Charles Brault (1752-1833), Archbishop of Albi and Bishop of Bayeux ]
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A Bayeux, de l'Imprimerie de la Ve. Nicolle. 20 February 1819.

4pp., 4to. Bifolium. Unbound. In fair condition, aged and with wear to extremities. He considers one of the 'principaux devoirs de notre ministère [...] de veiller à ce que le service divin soit célébré avec cette décence et cette majesté qui conviennent au Dieu suprême auqel il se rapporte', and concludes by describing changes to vestments and ceremonial in four numbered sections. Ends: 'Donné à Bayeux, en notre palais épiscopal, sous notre seing, le sceau de nos armes et le contre-seing du Secrétaire de notre Diocèse, le 20 Fevrier 1819. | + CHARLES, Evêque de Bayeux.

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