[BBC TV International Balloon Race, May 1965.] BBC Press Service press pack with two maps (one of the 'Revised Route'), plan with text of 'The Free Balloon', biography of producer Brian Branston, 'Who's Who', 'Topographical Background' and 'History'.

BBC TV International Balloon Race, May 1965 [Brian Branston (1914-1993); Jacques Demenint; Charles Dollfus; ballooning]
Publication details: 
One item on BBC Press Service (London) letterhead, dated 'May 1965 | CMG'

Eight items, in good condition on aged paper, with the three photographic illustrations darkened. In blue card folder. ONE: Mimeographed typed biography of 'Ronald Victor Brian Branston'. On BBC Press Service letterhead; May 1965. 1p., 4to. TWO: Mimeographed typed 'Who's Who'. 2pp., foolscap 8vo. With entries on nine balloonists (from Albert van den Bemden to Anthony Smith, and including Charles Dollfus, 'curator of France's air museum') and two passengers. THREE: Mimeographed typed 'Topographical Background'. 2pp., foolscap 8vo.

Autograph Letter Signed from Robert Miller, informing 'Captain Pack' [Colonel Arthur John Reynell Pack] of troop movements from Cork to Gibraltar and the West Indies, and discussing Pack's desire for a transfer to the Royal Fusiliers.

Publication details: 
[Received 7 December 1841.]

2pp., 4to. Bifolium. Addressed, with red wax seal and postmark in red ink, on reverse of second leaf, to 'Captain Pack | Royal Fusiliers | Barbados'. The letter begins: 'My dear Captain Pack | I take the earliest opportunity of letting you that [sic] the Ship Herefordshire - a noble vessel - has been taken up to convey the 67 to Gibraltar, & the 66 & 72 from thence to the West Indies, proceeding afterwards with the Fusiliers & 19th Halifax'.

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