[ Chagford parish, Dartmoor, Devon. ] Manuscript 'Highway Rate Book of the Parish of Chagford', divided into 'Town Quarter', 'South Teign Quarter', 'Meldon Quarter' and 'Teigncombe Quarter'.

Chagford parish, Devon [ Dartmoor; Victorian rate book ]
Publication details: 
[ Chagford, Devon. ] 'Lady day [i.e. 25 March] 1884 to Lady day 1885.'

58pp., small 4to, 1/4 lea., marbled bds. In fair condition, aged and worn, in shaken binding with front cover coming away and one loose leaf. The volume contains 28 double-page spreads (the first eighteen 'Town Quarter'; the next three 'South Teign Quarter'; then four 'Meldon Quarter'; and the last three 'Teigncombe Quarter'), each divided into nine columns as follows, with the details of the first entry given as an example: ''[No.

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