[ George Saintsbury, literary historian and critic. ] Three Autograph Letters Signed to Sir Courtney Mansel, regarding the receipt of a book and his 'fixed rule' on giving his opinion of unsolicited poetry.

George Saintsbury [ George Edward Bateman Saintsbury ] (1845-1933), literary historian and critic [ Sir Courtenay Mansel (1880-1933), Welsh Liberal (later Conservative) politician and poet ]
Publication details: 
One: on letterhead of 2 Eton Terrace, Edinburgh. 15 January 1911. Two: 11 Pulling Street, Bath. 17 March 1912. Three: 1 Royal Crescent, Bath. Postmarked 23 April 1928.

The three items in fair condition, lightly aged and worn. Postage stamp and paper beneath torn from third letter,, resulting in loss of full date All three signed 'George Saintsbury'. Saintsbury's handwriting is difficult to decipher and the following description only gives a phrase from each of the letters. Mansel had pretentions as a poet, and the first two items at least appear to concern volumes which he had sent Saintsbury. ONE (15 January 1911): 2pp., 12mo. Explaining that he has been compelled to 'make it a fixed rule to decline giving <?> opinion on poetry'.

[ H. A. Saintsbury, English actor. ] Three Autograph Letters Signed (all 'H A Saintsbury') to the playwright and film director Percy Nash, requesting a part in a forthcoming play. With copies of two of Nash's replies, one in autograph.

H. A. Saintsbury [ Harry Arthur Saintsbury ] (1869-1939), actor who portrayed Sherlock Holmes on stage and screen [ Percy Nash [ Percy Cromwell Nash ] (1869-1958), actor, dramatist and film director ]
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The first two of Saintsbury's letters from the Hotel Victoria, Brighton, the third from the Green Room Club, 46 Leicester Square, London. All from 1933.

All five items in fair condition, on lightly-aged paper, with slight rusting to holes from pin which attached them to one another. Saintsbury's three letters are: ONE: 13 June 1933. 2pp., 12mo. He has taken 'a great risk in giving up a five months tour at £25 and a percentage in the hope of your plans maturing soon', but as Nash has been 'perfectly straight' with him, he is not to blame if the matter 'turns out wrong'. He expresses 'such faith' in Nash's venture, and believes it 'must be a great triumph - bar some unforeseen accident'.

Corrected Typed Biography of Irish author William Maginn by his nephew Rev. C. A. Maginn, with subscription list of a memorial he is raising to him. With two Autograph Letters Signed by the nephew, discussing a proposed edition of his uncle's works.

Rev. Charles Arthur Maginn (b.1860), nephew of Irish author William Maginn (1794-1842) [Fraser's Magazine; Blackwood's Magazine; Messrs E. Whitby & Son, 8 Princes Street, Yeovil, booksellers]
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All three items from Caradoc View, Little Stretton, Church Stretton, Shropshire. The typescript undated, and the letters dated 5 August 1926 and 23 February 1929.

The three items in good condition, on lightly-aged and worn paper. ONE: Typescript. 5pp., 4to. Paginated 1 to 5, with the first three pages and last two forming separate sections, the second section headed 'P.S.' C. A. Maginn's signature in type on pp.3 and 5, and his address given on p.3. The second page contains the subscription list to the proposed memorial, with eleven contributions listed in type (headed by three guineas from Messrs BLackwood & Sons, and including a guinea apiece from Professor Saintsbury, A. P.

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