[ Stuart family of Castlemilk and Torrance. ] Manuscript: 'Torrance Library | Copy List of Books forwarded to Sir Richard Harington | June 1916'.

The Torrance Library [ Stuart family of Castlemilk and Torrance, Lanarkshire, Scotland; Sir Richard Harington of Whitbourne Court, Worcester ]
Publication details: 
[ Torrance, Lanarkshire, Scotland. ] June 1916.

6pp., folio. On two bifoliums held together with pink ribbon. Folded into a packet and docketed. 56 books are listed, with author's names and dates of publication, and details of presentations and inscriptions, such as 'B P Stuart - Charlotte Stuart - The Gift of Robt. Harington' and 'Memo in Rob Harington's Handwriting'. Includes works in English, French and Italian, the earliest being Wright's 'Rutland', 1684 ('B P. Stuart of T. | Marianne Harrington [sic] 1834') and the latest O. M. Mitchell's 'Orbs of Heaven', 1853 ('R Harington'). From the Harington family papers.

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