['Mau Mau terrorism' in Kenya, and the UK Foreign Office.] Typewritten Foreign Office briefing document titled: '(a) The political and economic effect of MAU MAU in KENYA.'

'Mau Mau terrorism' in Kenya, and the British Foreign Office [Kikuyu tribe; Jomo Kenyatta; Sir Philip Mitchell; Sir Evelyn Baring]
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[United Kingdom Foreign Office, Whitehall, London. Circa 1953.]

The Mau Mau uprising began in 1952, and the atrocities committed by the rebels were matched by those of the British, whose Attorney General in Kenya, Eric Griffith-Jones, wrote to Governor Baring in 1957 that the colony's detention camps for Mau Mau suspects were 'distressingly reminiscent of conditions in Nazi Germany or Communist Russia'.

[ Killing of Indian policemen by followers of Birsa Munda; Indian Nationalism ] Printed 'Proceedings of the Court of Session.[...]King-Emperor [...], versus Saure or Sanday Munda and Chaura alias Jaimasi Munda, [...].' Annotated by Sir Richard Harington.

[ R. R. Pope [ Richard Rodney Pope ], Judicial Commissioner, Chota-Nagpur ] [ Sir Richard Harington, judge; Birsa Munda (1875-1900), Indian tribal freedom fighter; Chota Nagpur ]
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'G. I. C. P. O. - No. 305 H. C. Mis. - 19-8-01. - 10.' [ i.e. Calcutta: Government of India Central Printing Office. 19 August 1901. ]

[2] + 41pp., folio. Stitched and unbound. In fair condition, on aged and worn paper, but with the outer half of a fold-out map at the end lacking. The front page reads: 'Criminal Bench. | Reference under Section 374 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, | No. 30 of 1901. | Appeal No. 593 of 1901. | Chota-Nagpur. | [Ranchi.] | Letter No. 2229R, dated the 29/30th July 1901, from the Officiating | Judicial Commissioner of Chota-Nagpur. | Proceedings of the Court Session. | In the case of | The King-Emperor, . . . . . .

Autograph Memorandum by Sir Murland de Grasse Evans, headed 'The Comanche tribe', describing an encounter on crossing Arkansas River, including smoking with tribe members in a wigwam.

Sir Murland de Grasse Evans (1874-1946), 2nd Baronet, son of the Liberal politician and banker Sir Francis Henry Evans (1840-1907) [Comanche tribe of Plains Indians; Native Americans]
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Without place or date [1899].

2pp., small 4to. On two leaves of watermarked paper. Hurriedly-penned abbreviated memoranda. Although related, it is not clear whether the two leaves are sequential. The first is headed 'The Comanche tribe'. After a couple of lines Evans describes 'Crossing Arkansas R[iver] on the way we got to their Wigwam & smoked We were 3/4 <?> arguing re buying of skins I had rep. rifle hairy. The door of wigwam lifted by a string. I lifted door saw the ground cov[ered] with horses feet.

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