Delicate pen drawing of a carved inscription in Ancient Greek set into an outside wall with foliage, above a drinking fountain of a carved face and conch, depicting a feature of Villa Crawford. and presumably made by F. Marion Crawford himself.

F. Marion Crawford [Francis Marion Crawford] (1864-1909), American author [Villa Crawford (formerly Villa Renzi), Sant' Agnello di Sorrento, Italy]
Publication details: 
On letterhead of Villa Crawford, Sant' Agnello di Sorrento. [1890s?]

12, 1p. On bifolium. In black ink over pencil. Very good, on lighly-aged paper. Presumably a representation of the Roman wall fountain which could be seen when looking down from Crawford's bedroom at the Villa. The present item consists of a pen drawing, roughy 18 x 9 cm., covering the left hand side of a letterhead (the printed address being in the top right-hand corner). The drawing is detailed and attractive, in a late nineteenth-century style, showing a four-line inscription in Ancient Greek on a tablet set into the wall above the drinking fountain.

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