[Two printed pamphlets and a handbill.] A Reformed Alphabet designed to facilitate the Art of Learning to Read. [bound up with] The Reformed Reading Primer. [and] The International Alphabet, by Ralph Winnington Leftwich, M.D.

R. W. Leftwich [Ralph Winnington Leftwich], M.D. [Sir Isaac Pitman and Sons, Ltd., London, and at Bath and New York; linguistics; phonetics]
Publication details: 
[Item One.] New York: Isaac Pitman & Sons, 33 Union Square. London: Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons, Ltd., 1 Amen Corner, E.C. And at Bath. [1898] [Item Two:] Undated. [Item Three:] Sir Isaac Pitman and Sons, Ltd., London and at Bath and New York. [Undated]

Both items in good condition, on lightly-aged paper. Stamp and label of the Education Department Reference Library, London. ONE: Pamphlet titled 'A Reformed Alphabet'. 10pp., 12mo. Stapled in grey printed wraps. The first four pages carry 'Phonetic Notation. The Reformed Alphabet. For teaching purposes only. Devised by R. W. Leftwich, M.D.' The last six pages carry an essay by Leftwich, beginning: 'The art of learning to read English, instead of being so easy as to form a stepping-stone to higher accomplishments, is really a very difficult task.

Manuscript Pay Warrant and Receipt, with Autograph Signature.

John Murray, 2nd Earl of Dunmore (1685-1752); [Horatio?] Walpole.
Publication details: 
28 March 1740; Whitehall.

Two pages. Dimensions of paper fourteen and a half inches by nine inches. Aged and stained, with fraying to extremities and some loss to one corner (not affecting text). Order to 'deliver and pay of such his Majesty's Treasure as remains in your Charge unto John Earl of Dunmore or his Assigns the Sum of Two hundred and Fifty Pounds', on Dunmore's 'Annuity or yearly Pension of One Thousand Pounds as one of the Gentlemen of his Majesty's Bedchamber'. With signatures of 'Winnington', 'G Earle' and <?>. Docketed 'Mr. Yorke I pray pay this Order out of Addl.

Autograph Note Signed to unnamed male correspondent.

Edward John Stanley, 2nd Baron Stanley of Alderley and 1st Baron Eddisbury of Winnington
Publication details: 
12 May 1849; F[oreign]. O[ffice]., [Whitehall].

English whig politician (1802-69). 1 page, 12mo. Not in good condition: ruckled, discoloured, with one closed tear and with the remains of brown card mount adhering to the reverse. Magnificently curt. 'Sir | I beg to return your letter and remain | Yr Obednt. Servt | E J Stanley | To prevent any mistake however I may inform you that I have changed my name and am now | Yr Obt Sert | Eddisbury'.

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