Anonymous album containing 29 quarto pages of superior ink drawings of teddy bears and other stuffed toys in cartoonish and anthropomorphic style.

[An album of strikingly original illustrations of teddy bears]
An album of strikingly original illustrations of teddy bears
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The album dates from the 1930s; the drawings are undated, and would appear to be slightly later.
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4to album, with the 29 pages of drawings on 28 leaves (on the rectos, except on one leaf, where they are on both sides). The album gives evidence of having been re-used, but gives no evidence as to the identity of the artist. While the covers of the album are worn, with the spine becoming detached, and with its leaves of discoloured high-acidity paper, all the drawings are clear and complete, consisting of twenty-eight full-page studies, and the remaining page (the first) with three studies on it. A few of the illustrations are lightly- and tastefully-coloured in pastel watercolour. Attractive illustrations, executed in an assured and striking style, with skillful cross-hatching adding depth to an accurate fine line, and with a slightly-disquieting anthropomorphic element. One teddy bear is dressed as an English army officer; another walks a dog and holds a balloon in front of an igloo; another drives a 1920s car along a winding road; another stands with a bicycle; another is dressed as a clown, with a striped stick; two play football with a quilted ball; twin bears, both in polka-dot shorts, embrace; one carries two pails of water, in buckets hanging from a pole balanced on his shoulders, from his cave, in which a fire burn. One illustration features several on a shelf in front of a bookcase; several others feature a monkey dressed as a hotel porter. There is one full-page drawing of Mickey Mouse, hand on hip, tongue out, looking upwards.