Corrected Autograph Manuscript of part of the poem 'A Day at Tivoli', by the Victorian writer John Kenyon.

John Kenyon (1784-1856), poet and patron, who encouraged his cousin Elizabeth Barrett's marriage to Robert Browning
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Without date or place [the poem published in 1849].
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2pp., 4to. 35 lines of verse. On a leaf of laid paper with watermark 'J WHATMAN | TURKEY MILL'. Paginated 13-14. Very good, on lightly-aged paper. The first page begins with the line 'The shrouding soil, and give it back to air,' and the second page ends with the line 'Won it's [sic] dark truth, and Gaspar fed on such.' The verses in this manuscript are published on pp.19-21 of 'A Day at Tivoli: with other Verses' (London: Longman, Brown, Green, and Longmans, Paternoster-row, 1849). There are two emendations to the manuscript: the second word of the phrase 'or boundary steeps' has been crossed out and replaced with 'rocky', which is the published reading; and the words 'thown out, in gest or face' have been crossed out and replaced wtih 'in gesture or in face', the published reading being 'in gesture and [sic] in face'. A 28-line passage has been marked out with a cross in the margin at beginning and end, and the leaf was perhaps sent to a printer for the republication of this extract which begins 'Oh Italy!, if fallen (as some delight | To say thou art (yet fallen from what vast height;'.