Holograph Poem by the English poet Sir William Watson, titled 'To the Lady Katharine Manners | (with a volume of the author's poems)'.

Sir William Watson (1858-1935), English poet
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Dated 'William Watson | Windermere | Aug 1897'.
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2pp., 8vo. Neatly written out on two leaves of laid paper with watermark of Caxton Superfine Vellum. In very good condition, on lightly-aged paper. The poem consists of twenty-eight lines arranged in seven four-line stanzas, the first reading: 'On lake and fell the loud rains beat, | And August closes rough and rude. | 'Twas Summer's whim, to counterfeit | The wilder hours her hours prelude.' The last stanza reads: 'And various through her mundane lot, | She counts herself benignly starred, - | All her vicissitudes forgot | In your regard.' There are no variations between this and the poem as it appeared in Watson's collection 'The Hope of the World and other Poems' (London: John Lane: The Bodley Head, 1898).