[Printed 'Agenda Buvard de la Maison des Magasins Réunis' (Parisian department store), filled with photographs, advertisements and illustrations, including twelve stylish full-page colour representations of the seasons by 'Fabiano'.]

[Maison des Magasins Réunis, Parisian department store, founded in 1866; 'Fabien Fabiano' [pen name of Jules Coup de Fréjac (1883-1962)]
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Maison des Magasins Réunis, Place de la République, Faubourg du Temple, Rue de Malte, Paris, France. [Paris. Imp. Henon, 11, rue Stendal. 10-12.] 1913.
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4to. In red cloth binding, gilt, with the department store's logo on the front board and endpapers. In very good condition, on aged paper, with empty wallet on rear pastedown. Green cloth bookmark with printed advertisement 'pour la Toilette des Dames'. An attractively-designed volume, with a marked Art Nouveau feel, the highlight of which is the set of twelve full-page illustrations of the seasons on art paper by Fabiano. Each shows an appropriate scene featuring the store's products (for example July shows a tradesman up a ladder hanging up bunting and flags (caption: 'Articles pour Illuminations | Drapeaux | Soldes d'Eté | Occasions') to the front of his store, while a group of people watch. On the reverses of the leaves carrying Fabiano's illustrations are twelve illustrations, with scores, of French children's songs. The volume contains photographs of the interior of the store, a calendar and diary for the listing of household expenditure (neatly completed in pencil in a contemporary hand, providing valuable information on middle-class expenditure), menus, many pages of advertisements, eleven pages carrying twenty-two illustrations of the interiors of Paris theatres, viewed from the stages, with the 'Prix des Places', pages listing opening times and prices of various Paris sights. Scarce: no copy found in the catalogue of the Bibliotheque Nationale, on COPAC or OCLC WorldCat.