[Oriental Customs and Manners, as viewed in Georgian England.] Two original hand-coloured copperplate engravings, both published in London by John Joseph Stockdale, and both ‘A Freschi sculpsit’: ‘INDIAN INK’ and ‘MONKEYS GATHERING TEA.’

Andrea Freschi (1774-1815), Italian engraver active in London [John Joseph Stockdale (c.1770-1847), London publisher and pornographer [Oriental customs and manners]
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One of the two ‘Pubd. 25 April 1812 by I. I. Stockdale [i.e. John Joseph Stockdale], 41 Pall Mall’. The other from same period.
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Two attractive small original hand-coloured copperplate engravings. Both in good condition, lightly aged, and each with slight traces of previous mount on blank reverse. ONE: Captioned at foot ‘A Freschi sculpsit | MONKEYS GATHERING TEA. | Pubd. 25 April 1812 by H. Stockdale, 41 Pall Mall’. Portrait: 10.5 x 17.5 cm. Depicts a Chinese man beneath a tree taking leaves from a monkey on the ground, whilst three other monkeys in the tree collect more leaves. TWO: Captioned at foot ‘A Freschi sculpsit | INDIAN INK.’ No place or date. Landscape: 17.5 x 10.5 cm. Depicts three men preparing the ink. One in the background at a long counter; a second to the left, seated at a tub with a pestle; a third to the right, sitting astride a bench holding a rod and a bowl.