[John Masefield, Poet Laureate and children's writer.] Autograph Signature on inscription to 'Grace', on the back of part of a Book Token.

John Masefield (1878-1967), Poet Laureate and children's writer
John Masefield
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31 August 1956. No date.
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See his entry in the Oxford DNB. On one side of a 9 x 12.5 cm piece of paper: formerly the first leaf of a bifolium card, the second leaf, which carried the actual book token, having been detached by perforation. In good condition, lightly aged, but with traces of mount at the corners of the reverse, which carries a colour reproduction of a painting by Leonard Richmond. The page with the inscription is a printed form, and Masefield has written 'For Grace.' and 'John Masefield. / August the 31st. 1956.' See Image.