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J. R. Magrath [John Richard Magrath] (1839-1930), Provost of the Queen’s College, Oxford, 1878-1930; Vice-Chancellor of the University, 1894-98 [Henry Jenner (1848-1934), British Museum librarian]

[John Richard Magrath, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Oxford.] Autograph Letter Signed (‘J R Magrath | Vice Chancellor’) to Henry Jenner of the British Museum, reporting on the results of his assistance regarding the extension of the Bodleian.

See the entries for writer and recipient in the Oxford DNB. 2pp, 12mo. In good condition, folded once. In envelope (with Oxford crest on flap), with stamp and two postmarks, addressed by Magrath to ‘Henry Jenner Esq / British Museum / London E.C.’ From ‘a communication I have received from Madan...

James Robinson Planché [J. R. Planché] (1796-1880), playwright, antiquary and herald [his daughter Matilda Anne Mackarness (1825-1881); Anna Eliza Bray [née Kempe; later Stothard] (1790-1883)]

[James Robinson Planché, playwright and herald.] Autograph Letter Signed (‘J. R. Planché’) to author Anna Eliza Bray, discussing the writings of his daughter Matilda Anne Mackarness, and the situation in which he lives with her and her husband.

A good letter, reflective of the mid-Victorian literary milieu; with a successful playwright discussing the writing of his daughter in a letter to another female Victorian writer. See the entries for Bray, his daughter Mrs Mackarness, and the recipient Mrs Bray, in the Oxford DNB. 4pp, 12mo....

Jean Forbes-Robertson (1905-1962), Shakespearian actress and a notable ‘Peter Pan’, daughter of Sir Johnston Forbes-Robertson

[Jean Forbes-Robertson, Shakespearian actress.] Autograph Signature to newspaper photograph of her as Peter Pan, nicely-presented by careful cutting around outline.

Jean Forbes-Robertson appeared as Peter Pan between 1927 and 1935, and then again in 1938-1939. Part of a cricket report on the reverse of the present item dates it to 1934. The item is a black and white photograph of around 15 x 11 cm, cut from a newspaper, and showing a seated Forbes-Robertson...

John Henry Ingram [John H. Ingram] (1842-1916), English biographer and editor who restored the reputation of Edgar Allen Poe, authority on Christopher Marlowe and Thomas Chatterton [Lionel Earle]

[The man who restored Edgar Allen Poe’s reputation.] Autograph Letter Signed (‘John H. Ingram’) from John Henry Ingram to Lionel Earle, stating that he will be travelling up to London to view the Chatterton manuscripts that Lord Crewe is bringing up.

Ingram, whose Poe collection is in the University of Virginia, published ‘The True Chatterton: A New Study from Original Documents’ in 1910. 1p, 12mo. In fair condition, lightly aged, with stub adhering to blank second leaf of bifolium. He thanks him for the letter of the previous day, ‘...

John Henry Robinson [J. H. Robinson] (c.1796-1871), RA, eminent line engraver noted for his portraits [Edward William Cooke (1811-1880), artist; his son Conrad William Cooke (1843-1926), engineer]

[John Henry Robinson, RA, eminent line engraver noted for his portraits.] Autograph Letter Signed (‘J. H. Robinson’) to ‘Mr Cooke’ (the artist Edward William Cooke), on personal matters including Conrad Cooke’s health, and plans to meet.

See the entries for Robinson and Cooke in the Oxford DNB. 3pp, 12mo. Bifolium. In good condition, folded twice. Addressed to ‘My dear Mr Cooke’. Cooke’s ‘friendly note’ about the time he ‘proposed setting out for Deal’ was received on the Thursday, and the Robinsons are ‘glad indeed to hear that...

John Herman Merivale (1779-1844), poet, lawyer, author and literary scholar, friend of Lord Byron

[John Herman Merivale, poet and friend of Lord Byron.] Signature for autograph hunter: ‘John Herman Merivale’.

See his entry in the Oxford DNB. On 16 x 10 cm rectangle cut from leaf of an autograph album. In good condition, on wove paper, lightly aged and creased. Nothing on the leaf apart from the signature ‘John Herman Merivale’, with the helpful addition ‘(Dead)’ in a near-contemporary hand beside it...

John William Colenso (1814-1883), controversial Bishop of Natal, subject of ‘The Colenso Case’, excommunicated from the Church of England [Rev. H. C. Scudamore; Robert Gray, Bishop of Cape Town]

[‘The Pentateuch [...] is throughout a mere fiction’. John William Colenso, Bishop of Natal, puts the case that will result in excommunication.] Long and substantial Autograph Letter Signed (‘J. W. Natal.’) to ‘Scudamore’, explaining his position.

Colenso’s enormous significance in the history of Victorian theology and ideas is reflected by a long entry by Peter Hinchcliff in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. (Prominent among Colenso’s critics was Matthew Arnold, who mocked him as ‘that favourite pontiff of the Philistines’.)...

Jurgen Hess [Jürgen Hess], violinist, of the English Chamber Orchestra, and the Delmé String Quartet, who played on the Beatles’ ‘Eleanor Rigby’ and ‘A Day in the Life’ [Francis Davies, pianist]

[Jürgen Hess, the violinist who played on the Beatles’ ‘Eleanor Rigby’ and ‘A Day in the Life’.] Autograph Letter Signed to pianist Francis Davies, proposing that they collaborate.

1p, 12mo. In envelope with stamp and postmark, addressed by Hess to ‘Francis Davies Esq. / 40, New End Square / London N.W.3.’ In good condition, a little creased and browning. Folded once. Hess has heard from Felix Vandyl that Davies ‘might be prepared to work seriously with a violinist for a...

Le Général Fabvier, head of Greek army during War of Independence. [Charles Nicolas Fabvier (1783-1855), Baron Fabvier], French Philhellene [Paul-Charles-Amable de Bourgoing (1761-1864), Baron]

[Le Général Fabvier, head of Greek army during War of Independence.] Autograph Letter Signed (‘Le G[énér]al. Fabvier’) to the Baron de Bourgoing, criticizing the King of Greece and putting forward an apocalyptic vision of the future of Europe.

A ‘longue lettre’, written ‘à cœur ouvert’; an extraordinary document, in whose passionate and pessimistic Catholic conservatism - expressed in martial terms befitting a hero of Borodino - is to be found the roots of the Action Française. 4pp, 4to. Bifolium. 58 lines of neatly- and closely-...

History £1,250.00 Fabvier
Lord Harlech [William George Arthur Ormsby-Gore (1885-1965), fourth Baron Harlech], Conservative politician and banker [Sir Frederick Lugard [latterly Lord Lugard] (1858-1945), Governor of Hong Kong]

[Lord Harlech, Conservative politician.] Typed Letter Signed (‘W Ormsby Gore’) to Sir Frederick Lugard, regarding ‘the Oil Palm industry in Southern Nigeria’.

1p, 4to. In good condition, lightly worn. Folded three times. Greeting him as ‘Dear Sir Frederick’, he thanks him for having ‘prepared and sent to me your most valuable memorandum on the Oil Palm industry in Southern Nigeria’. He is in the process of discussing the question with the Colonial...