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[Coolie Immigration; Island of Reunion; Great Britain; Foreign Office]

[Coolie Immigration; Island of Reunion; Great Britain; Foreign Office; printed] Despatch respecting Coolie Immigration into the Island of Reunion from British India

22 pages, sm. folio, disbound, part of edge nibbled (see image) without loss of text, minor staining. includes a lengthy report by Consul Hill and Inclosures by French Officials listing Livret d'Engagement, and (extensive) Convention sur l'Immigration de Traveilleurs Indiens dans la Colonie de...

[General Gordon of Khartoum] L.S.H. [initials] AND G.D.A. Morshead.

[Gordon of Khartoum and Gravesend] Two Manuscripts Poems on General Gordon by 'L.S.H. | Feb.85 and by the Rev. G.D.A. Morshead | Winchester.~c.1885. L.S.H.'s poem dated a month after Gordon's heroic death.~A. [L.S.H.], Title Indelible Disgrace | The Premi

A. [L.S.H.], Title "Indelible Disgrace | The Premier | (written after reading Gordon's Last despatch)", one page, 8vo, fold marks, small closed tear on fold, some foxing mainly on folds, sonnet, essentially about the betrayal of Gordon, commences, "He heeds it not! but still with brazen face |...

History, Literature £80.00 Gordon 2
[General Gordon] H.E. Wortham (1884-1959), biographer, journalist, music critic and writer, author of two books concerning General Gordon.

[General Gordon; handwritten] Notebook containing notes from his researches about General Gordon in Wortham's hand

Notebook, marbled boards (blue), spine of black tape, not paginated, notes on approximately 77 pages, with bits on other pages. See image. He makes notes from his reading/researches. Initially, for example, he makes notes on a. Gordon's Letters to His Sister [pub. 1888], quoting, summarising or...

History £350.00 Gordon
[Juan Domingo Perón (1895 – 1974), Argentine Army general and politician] Anon., Translator: J.W. de Kember.

[General Peron; Argentina; cyclostyled or similar] Traduccion || BRIEF BIOGRAPHY OF GENERAL PERON.

Five pages, folio, good condition, apart from rust marks around the paper clip holding the pages together. With embossed stamp top of each page, two arms holding a torch aloft. A favourable view of the life of Peron from birth up to and including his second presidency (4 June 1952), concluding:...

History £250.00 Peron
Henry Lascelles, 2nd Earl of Harewood (1767 -1841), slave plantation and other land owner, chiefly inheritee art collector, and Member of Parliament.

[Harewood; Corsellis; Lunatic Asylum] Autograph Letter Signed Harewood to Dr. Corsellis [Director of the West Riding Pauper Lunatic Asylum, Wakefield], asking for details of the history of someone discharged

Two pages, 12mo, small closed tear on fold, edges dusted, some staining not affecting text, remnant of page on which formerly laid down or tipped on verso, not affecting text. Text: I understand that a Person named Thomas Parker from the neighbourhood of Pateley Bridge has been for some time in...

Sir Mountstuart Elphinstone Grant Duff (1829 – 1906), Scottish politician, administrator and author. Sometime Under-Secretary of State for India.

[M.E. Grant Duff; India] Appointment Certificate Signed M E Grant Duff.

One page, 4to, part printed, part manuscript, minor damage on fold marks, loss of small part of the word is, small closed tear, some weakness on fold marks. See Image. Text headed Ecclesiastical Establishment | No. 301, part that is Manuscript is in square brackets: These are to certify that...

History, Religion £80.00 Grant Duff
The Agent-General for Queensland [emigration to Australia; Australian immigration]

[Queensland immigration] Printed advertisement, with long descriptive text, issued by the 'Agent-General for Queensland, 409 & 410, Strand, London, W.C.', for emigration from England to 'Queensland Crown Lands'.

4to, 4 pp. Bifolium. Good, on lightly-aged paper. First page carries the decorative title beneath the Queensland crest.The central two pages carry a long text, in small type, under the headings 'AGRICULTURE SELECTIONS', 'GRAZING SELECTIONS', 'GROUP SETTLEMENT' and 'OTHER MODES', and the...