[Lord Elphinstone [John Elphinstone, 13th Lord Elphinstone], Governor of Madras and Bombay.] Autograph Signature (‘Elphinstone’) and valediction to letter.

Lord Elphinstone [John Elphinstone, 13th Lord Elphinstone] (1807-1860), Scottish soldier, Conservative politician and colonial administrator, successively Governor of Madras and Bombay
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Without place or date.

See his entry in the Oxford DNB. In good condition, lightly aged, with paper from mount on reverse. Folded once. On 6 x 10 cm piece of paper, cut from conclusion of letter. Good firm signature. Reads: ‘[...] European troops / [...] quartered them. / Yours sincerely / Elphinstone’. See image.

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