[ Sir William Evans on the [secret] ballot, 'secret voting', 'evils of intimidation'. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('T W Evans') to Rev. W. Griffith, expressing 'serious doubt' on the question, and explaining his reasons for abstaining to vote on it.

Sir William Evans [ Sir Thomas William Evans ] (1821-1892) of Allestree Hall, Liberal Party politician, Member of Parliament for Derbyshire South
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Allestree Hall [ Derbyshire ]. 11 April 1859.

4pp., 12mo. Bifolium. In good condition, lightly aged. He declares his belief that he will 'act well in accordance with what I stated on the nomination day in 1857, by pursuing the course followed by me since I have been in parliament, & abstaining from voting either way on the ballot'. The subject is one concerning which he feels 'great difficulty': 'I fully appreciate the evils of intimidation & bribery which the ballot is intended to cure, although I hope that they are gradually diminishing & will be still further diminished when we have fewer small constituencies'.

Autograph draft of a circular letter by the comedian Tommy Trinder urging Equity members to vote in favour of Sunday opening in a wartime ballot on that question. With a typescript of the circular, and a printed facsimile of Trinder's signature.

Tommy Trinder [Thomas Edward Trinder] (1909-1989), English stage, screen and radio comedian with the catchphrase 'You lucky people!' [C.A.S.T., Campaign of Actors for Sunday Theatres, 1943]
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Undated [1943].

The three items are stapled to one another, in good condition on lightly-aged paper. The first item is the typescript, which is 1p., 4to. It is addressed to 'Dear Brother Artist,' and begins: 'You will possibly be rather surprised to receive a letter from me, but after having spent most of my life in the Provinces, I now find myself landed in London. I am surprised at the amount of discussion and activity that takes place here regarding the "politics" of the theatre - and realise how you in the Provinces are apt to get left out.

Northern Territory Land Orders. Ballot for Order of Choice, held at Adelaide, on the 10th & 11th May, 1870. Reprinted and forwarded by the Agent-General for the information of Land Order Holders in England.

Australian Northern Territory Land Orders, 1870 ballot
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[London: Agent General's Office? 1870.]

3 pp, in a bifolium. Leaf dimensions 33.5 x 21 cm. Clear and complete. In fair condition, on lightly-aged paper. Each page divided into four columns of small type, each column headed 'LONDON REGISTER' and containing numbers under three heads: the first being 'No. of Land Order', and the other two, jointly under 'Order of Choice', being 'Town Lots' and 'Country Sections'. Beneath heading: 'NOTE.

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