[Willie Smith, World Billiards Champion, 'the greatest all-round billiards player who ever lived'.] Autograph Signature ('Willie Smith') in response for autograph.

Willie Smith (1886-1982), World Billiards Champion in 1920 and 1923, said to be 'the greatest all-round billiards player who ever lived', also snooker player who lost World Championship final in 1933
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1 February 1924. No place.

On 8 x 11 cm piece of card. In fair condition, lightly aged, with traces of glue from mount on reverse. A good bold signature, clearly in response to a request for an autograph. Reads: 'Yours Truly | Willie Smith | 1 – 2 – 24'. Smith has made a short line under the date, but the signature is not underlined.

[ Edwyn Anthony, proprietor of the 'Hereford Times', author, inventor and chess player. ] Autograph Letter Signed to Sir Richard Harington, asking for his legal opinion on behalf of the Weights and Measures Committee of Herefordshire County Council.

Edwyn Anthony (1843-1932), proprietor of the 'Hereford Times', author, inventor, mathematician and chess player [ Sir Richard Harington (1861-1931) of Whitbourne Court, Worcestershire ]
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On letterhead of Westood, Hereford. [ Received 25 June 1902. ]

7pp., 12mo. On two bifoliums. In good condition. A long and detailed letter, asking, '[i]n accordance with a resolution of the Wts. & Measures Committee', for Harington's opinion on a point of law, in relation to the charging of fees by inspectors, with reference to 'the provisions of the Acts of 1878 and 1889' and the 'decision in Rex v. Roberts'. Towards the conclusion Anthony states: 'The Wts.

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