Autograph Letter Signed ('Thos: Day') to 'Edmund Taylor Esqe | Castle Yard Windsor | Berkshire', including original unpublished forty-line manuscript poem by Day entitled 'Lines address'd to Windsor', in which he has 'spit his spite' on the town.

Thomas Day [Edmund Taylor; Windsor, Berkshire; Oxford Street; Georgian London; John Romney?; Matthew Cotes Wyatt?]
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25 March 1810; Oxford Street.

The work of a cultured and witty man, but not by the author of 'Sandford and Merton', who died in 1789. While possible authors include the 'Mr. Thomas Day, solicitor, Woburn, Bedfordshire', whose death at the age of 47 on 18 February 1824 was reported in The Times (5 March 1824), and the Thomas Day who lived around this time at Montague Street, Russell Square, the most likely candidate, considering the references to 'Romney' and 'Wyatt' is the Thomas of 'DAY William, and Thomas Day, of No. 95, Gracechurch-street, in the city of London, oilmen', who went bankrupt in 1841.

Autograph Letter Signed ('Duval') to 'Monsieur Le Commandant de la Station anglaise Vis-a-vis les côtes du dit départment.'; with copy by Duval (signed by him) of General La Barolière's 'Ordre du jour', at the start of the Peace of Amiens.

Le Citoyen Duval, Capitaine d'artillerie Commandant Militaire des Côtes du Département du Calvados [Jacques Marguerite Pilotte, baron de La Barolière; Treaty of Amiens]
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Duval's letter: 'le 19 Vendemiaire au 10e. de la république Française' [10 Oct. 1801]. The copy of La Barolière's letter: dated the previous day [9 Oct. 1801]. Both items on letterhead of the Inspection des Côtes Maritimes, Département du Calvados.

Each item on a piece of laid paper roughly 33 x 21 cm, and each with the same letterhead (with manuscript additions in square brackets] of the 'Armée d[e L'Ouest] | Liberté Égalité | [14e.] Division Militaire | Inspection des Côtes Maritimes. | Département du Calvados.' Both items in very good condition: on lightly aged and creased paper. Both in French.

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