[Priscilla Gurney, Quaker minister, sister of John Joseph Gurney, prison reformer Elizabeth Fry, and others.] Two-volume manuscript ?Memoirs of Priscilla Gurney? by Rachel Gurney and other siblings, filled with correspondence and family information.

Priscilla Gurney (1785-1821) of Earlham, Quaker minister, sister of prison reformer Elizabeth Fry (1780-1845), Daniel Gurney (1791-1880); Joseph John Gurney (1788-1847), and Samuel Gurney (1786-1856)
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The text covers her life in Earlham, Norfolk, from 1785-1821. The volume itself is written in the early part of the nineteenth century (1820s or 1830s).

A total of 416pp, 4to, in two volumes. Drophead title to vol. 1: ?Memoir of Priscilla Gurney. | 1st. Part.? Drophead title to vol.2: ?Memoir of P. G. | Part second.? Written in a close and neat hand. The volumes are paginated to 263 and 299, but taking into account blank pages they in fact contain 203 and 213pp of actual text respectively. Most of the main body of the text is written on the rectos, with additional material written in a closer hand lengthwise up the versos.

[ John Harraden of the Post Office. ] Autograph Letter Signed to the Earl of Chesterfield, complaining of the 'hardships' of his case, and requesting his intervention, with reference to William Hayley of Earlham, John Palmer, George White Thomas.

John Harraden of the Post Office [ Philip Stanhope, 5th Earl of Chesterfield (1755-1815), Postmaster General; William Hayley (1745-1820); George White Thomas (c.1750-1821); John Palmer (1742-1818) ]
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No. 26 Compton Street, Soho. 10 November 1808.

The recipient of the letter, the 5th Earl of Chesterfield, was Postmaster General between 1790 and 1798. The 'Mr. Palmer' mentioned in the text is John Palmer (1742-1818), MP for Bath, who was Comptroller General of the Post Office between 1786 and 1792. Harraden appears to have been regarded by his superiors as a whistle-blower and trouble-maker.

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