Manuscript list of British subscribers' names, headed 'Nightingale Fund. | Subscription to present Madame Jenny Goldschmidt-Lind with a Marble Bust of the Queen'.

Jenny Lind [Johanna Maria Lind; Jenny Lind-Goldschmidt] (1820-1887), opera singer, known as 'the Swedish Nightingale'
Publication details: 
[London, England; 1855.]

4to, 3 pp. Bifolium. Text clear and complete. Fair, on aged paper, with minor evidence of the letter having been laid down on the blank reverse of the second leaf. Thirty names, with sums subscribed. The list is headed 'The Lord Mayor (Salomons) 5. - [five pounds]'. (David Salomons was Lord Mayor of London in 1855.] Several of the names are ticked in pencil, with another noted as 'Not paid' and another as 'Dead'. Among the subscribers is the poet Martin Farquhar Tupper (one pound). Jenny Lind had raised money for the "[Florence] Nightingale Fund".

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