[S.T. Hobson, brother in law of Roget of Thesaurus fame; Harmony, Indiana; English Prairie Settlement; American mid-west] MS Journal of his travels in the USA in 1818

[Samuel Taylor Hobson, brother in law of Peter Mark Roget (Thesaurus); USA in 1818]
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[28 May - 2 July 1818]

[86]pp., 12mo, mbld wraps, good condition. Numerous elisions. The journey starts from Philadelphia: major towns (cities?) Elizabethtown, Lancaster, Pittsburgh (lengthy description - see quotes below), [the Alleghanies; coal), Steubenville (Ohio), Wheeling (W.

Autograph Manuscript musical score, 'from Minueta Trio for pianoforte', signed by 'Leslie Regan'.

Dr Leslie Regan (1900-1968), Professor of Harmony at the Royal Academy of Music
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Dated '10 July 1919'.

On one side of a leaf, roughly 18 x 24 cm, removed from an album. Good, on lightly aged paper. Sixteen grand staff bars, followed by 'from Minueta Trio for pianoforte | [signed] Leslie Regan | 10 July 1919.'

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