[‘Victoria Holt’, pseudonym of Eleanor Alice Hibbert [née Burford], prolific author of historical romances (also ‘Jean Plaidy’ and ‘Philippa Carr’).] Typed Letter Signed to Eileen Cond, sending a book plate and discussing Devon and Cornwall.

'Victoria Holt’, pseudonym of Eleanor Alice Hibbert [née Burford] (1906-1993), prolific author of historical romances (also 'Jean Plaidy' and 'Philippa Carr') [Eileen Margaret Cond (1911-1984)]
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8 June 1961; 'c/o Messrs. David Higham Associates Ltd. / 76 Dean Street, / Soho, / London, W. 1.'

See her entry in the Oxford DNB. She published around two hundred books under seven pseudonyms, and these are said to have sold a hundred million copies and been translated into twenty languages. The recipient Eileen Cond was an enthusiastic collector of autographs, and had the ability to draw a more than perfunctory response from her targets. 1p, 4to. In fair condition, lightly aged and creased. Folded for postage. Good bold signature: ‘Victoria Holt.’ Addressed to ‘Miss Cond, / Stream Cottage, / Sidbury, / Sidmouth, Devon.’ She has signed Cond’s bookplate and is sending it back.

[Female suffrage; printed handbill.] Married Women's Property. Mr. Hibbert and the Married Women's Property Acts. (From the OLDHAM CHRONICLE, July 26th, 1879.)

[Married Women's Property Committee] [Alexander Ireland, Manchester printer?] [Sir John Tomlinson Hibbert (1824-1908); Oldham Chronicle; women's suffrage; Victorian feminism]
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[Married Women's Property Committee.] No printer [but probably Alexander Ireland & Co., Manchester.] Undated [1879].

2pp., 8vo. Handbill with drophead title. In good condition, lightly-aged, disbound. No copy found on either COPAC or OCLC Worldcat.

Manuscript 'Agreement to repurchase Furniture at L No. 4. Albany at the expiration of Lease' between 'George Hibbert Esqre.' and George Krehmer, Russian Consul-General. With 'Inventory and Valuation'. Signed by Hibbert; witnessed by Sprigges.

George Hibbert the Younger (fl. 1877), of Albany, Piccadilly, son of the bookcollector George Hibbert (1757-1837); Charles Sprigges [George Krehmer, Russian Consul-General in London]
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London. 1 November 1849.

3pp., foolscap 8vo, with the fourth page carrying the description of the document when folded into the usual packet. Bifolium. In fair condition, on aged paper. With embossed tax stamp and circular stamp in black ink dating the document to London, 24 September 1849. The agreement, on the first two pages, is 'Between George Hibbert of Albany Piccadilly in the County of Middlesex Esquire of the one part and George Krehmer of Albanyaforesaid Esquire of the other part.' It is signed 'George Hibbert', with 'Witness Charles Sprigges'.

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