[Peter Opie, folklorist, with wife Iona Opie, of children's games and nursery rhymes.] Two Typed Letters Signed to W. J. MacQueen-Pope, on the music hall, John Dunn and 'Jump Jim Crow', the Great Macdermott and 'Jeremiah, blow the fire'.

Peter Opie (1918-1982), folklorist who, with his wife Iona Opie (1923-2017), worked on children's games and literature, donating their collection to the Bodleian [W. J. MacQueen-Pope (1888-1960)]
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Opie's two letters on letterhead of 'IONA OPIE | PETER OPIE', Rockbourne House, 100 High Street, Alton, Hampshire. 20 and 25 January 1951. With carbon copy of a reply from MacQueen-Pope, 23 January 1951.

The three items (two letters from Peter Opie to MacQueen-Pope and carbon copy of his reply to the first of these) are in fair condition, on aged and lightly-creased paper, with a slight nick at the head of the first letter. Inspired by the recent publication of MP's 'The Melody Lingers On: The Story of Music Hall' (1950), Opie writes to MP via his publishers W. H. Allen & Co, and signs both letters 'Peter Opie.' MP writes to Opie at Rockbourne House. ONE: TLS from Opie to MP. 20 January 1951. 1p, 4to.

Typed Letter Signed ('David') from Sir David Russell to his cousin Frank Carr Nicholson, discussing Rodney Collins's book on Ouspensky, Alexis Aladin, and 'books we have read'. With copy of his anonymous pamphlet 'Iona. A Short Chronological Table'.

Sir David Russell (1872-1956) of Silverburn, Leven, Fife [Frank Carr Nicholson (1875-1962), Librarian, Edinburgh University Library; Alexis Aladin (d.1927); Rodney Collins; Gurdieff; Ouspensky]
Publication details: 
Letter on letterhead of Silverburn, Leven, Fife; 4 April 1956. Pamphlet printed by McLagan & Cumming, Edinburgh;1932.

Both letter and pamphlet in very good condition. Letter: 8pp., 4to. Written a few days before Russell's death on 12 March 1956. On the first page he describes how the London esoteric bookseller J. M.

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