Autograph Letter Signed to (Hamilton)

William Graham.
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Irish philosopher and political economist. 3pp., 8vo. He addresses Hamilton as "President" and refers to the "Society" in Belfast. He explains that J.A. Froude is more selective about engagaments as he gets older and is unlikely to accept an invitation from the "Society". He recommends a direct approach. He expresses pleasure at the performance of the "Belfast students" and adds a postscript about candidates for the "English Chair in the college".

Autograph Notes Signed (x 2) to Shirley Slocombe, portrait painter

James Dewar.
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14 and 17 April 1906

Scottish natural philosopher. One page, 8vo. He finds the invitation to a lecture at the "Club" interesting but cannot manage it. He would welcome a copy of "any scientific abstract of the Lecture".

ALS to P.P. Alexander

Alexander Bain, Scottish psychologist and educationalist
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2pp., 8vo. Compliments Alexander's "polemic with Mill on the question of 'Liberty and Necessity'"" and promises a review ("some public form").

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