[James Anthony Froude, historian and editor of Fraser's Magazine.] Autograph Letter Signed ('J A Froude') to 'Sellers', discussing the 'State of Spain' ('the reductio ad asbsurdum of the nonsense about the rights of man').

J. A. Froude [James Anthony Froude] (1818-1894), Victorian historian, editor of Fraser's Magazine, disciple and biographer of Thomas Carlyle
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Glenlyn, Lynmouth [North Devon], on letterhead of 5 Onslow Gardens, S.W. [London] 30 July [1871].

3pp, 12mo. Bifolium. In good condition, the blank reverse of the second leaf laid down on a leaf removed from an album. Written in a hurried hand, with the meaning unclear in parts. The letter would appear to discuss the republican and Carlist insurrections against Amadeo I, the only King of Spain from the House of Savoy, who replaced the deposed Isabella II in 1870, and reigned until 1873. Froude begins by explaining that his silence has been due to the fact that he has been 'out of town for the Summer'.

[ Sir Johm Alexander. Hammerton, editor of reference works. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('J. A. Hammerton'), an effusive letter of condolence to the widow of composer Herman Finck.

J. A. Hammerton [ Sir John Alexander Hammerton ] (1871-1949), Scottish author and editor of works of reference [ Herman Finck [ born Hermann Van Der Vinck ] (1872-1939), composer and conductor ]
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On letterhead of De Walden Lodge, Eastbourne, Sussex. 24 April 1939.

2pp., 4to. In good condition, lightly aged. He knew that Finck was ill, but 'the news of his death broadcast on Friday night came as a shock to me. | He & I had known each other for many years, & specially during the last five or six years we had much to say to each other at the Savage, my admiration for him deepening the more I knew him.' Another member of the Savage Club, Philip Page, referred to Finck as 'the most genial man he ever knew', and this was 'endorsed by all his fellow Savages'.

[ J. A. Spender, editor of the Westminster Gazette. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('J. A. Spender') to 'Mr. Murdoch', regarding his admiration for G. K. Chesteron, but puzzlement that, as a 'Mediaevalist', he should wish to stand as a Liberal candidate.

J. A. Spender [ John Alfred Spender ] (1862-1942), editor of the Westminster Gazette, 1896-1922 [ J. Gordon Murdoch; G. K. Chesterton [ Gilbert Keith Chesterton ] (1874-1936)]
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On letterhead of Chantry Place, Marden, Kent. 19 July 1925.

1p., 8vo. In good condition, on lightly-aged paper. Headed 'Private'. He has 'sincere admiration for Mr. Chesterton as a writer, but he is avowedly a "Mediaevalist" & an opponent of Liberalism & the Liberal party, which he believes to be corrupt & hypocritical'. In consequence it 'puzzles' him that Chesterton 'should be nominated as a Liberal candidate, & with every respect for his zeal, honesty & ability, I really don't know what I could say about him from that point of view.'

Autograph Letter Signed to (Hamilton)

William Graham.
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Irish philosopher and political economist. 3pp., 8vo. He addresses Hamilton as "President" and refers to the "Society" in Belfast. He explains that J.A. Froude is more selective about engagaments as he gets older and is unlikely to accept an invitation from the "Society". He recommends a direct approach. He expresses pleasure at the performance of the "Belfast students" and adds a postscript about candidates for the "English Chair in the college".

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