Secretarial Letter Signed ('C Vaublanc') from the French Minister of the Interior the Comte de Vaublanc [to the English Member of Parliament John Blackburne], enclosing a facsimile of Queen Marie Antoinette's last letter by Pierre Picquet.

Vincent-Marie Viénot, Comte de Vaublanc (1756-1845), French Minister of the Interior; Pierre Picquet, engraver; John Blackburne (1754-1833), MP for Lancashire, 1784-1830; Queen Marie Antoinette
Publication details: 
Vaublanc's letter from Paris, 13 April 1816. Picquet's engraving without date or place.

The two items are in very good condition, on lightly aged paper. Item One: Secretarial Letter, in French, by 'C Vaublanc', Vincent-Marie Viénot, Count of Vaublanc (1756-1845), 'Le Ministre Secretaire d'Etat de L'Intérieur' [French Minister of the Interior]. Paris, 13 April 1816. He is sending the 'fac simile De la Lettre de notre Infortunée Reine', and in order to dispel any doubts as to authenticity has initialled the foot of the third page.

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