[Printed programme.] 'Mr. George Riddle will give a course of six afternoon readings' [at the Brooklyn homes of Mrs N.W.T. Hatch, Mrs S.B. Chittenden, Mrs J.S.T. Stranahan, Mrs D.C. Robbins, Mrs John Buckingham and Miss Gilbert].

George Riddle [George Peabody Riddle] (1851-1910), American elocutionist and actor [Mrs N.W.T. Hatch, Mrs S.B. Chittenden, Mrs J.S.T. Stranahan, Mrs D.C. Robbins, Mrs John Buckingham, Miss Gilbert]
Publication details: 
'A. S. SEER'S Engraving and Printing Establishment, 26 & 28 Union Sq., N. Y.' [Between 5 and 29 March [c.1891]].

3pp., 16mo. Bifolium. Fair, on aged paper with fold lines. The front page carries the printer's slug, and gives the price of $6 for 'Course Tickets', 'For sale at the houses where the readings are to be given, on and after FEBRUARY 19th.' The middle two pages give the addresses, with owner's names, of the houses at which the six readings are to take place.

Pamphlet advertising ''Mr. Joseph Hatton's Dramatic Reading, founded upon his Great Society Novel of English Life and Manners, entitled "The Queen of Bohemia." '

Joseph Hatton (1841-1907), English novelist and journalist [Victorian monologues; nineteenth-century dramatic readings; The Palace Hotel, Buxton]
Publication details: 
The Drawing-Room, Palace Hotel, Buxton. Thursday Evening, August 19th, 1880.'

4to, 8 pp. Stitched pamphlet on grey paper. Text clear and complete. Good, though somewhat creased, and a little stained. In small type. Divided into two sections: 'Selections from the opinions of the London press' and 'Selections from the opinions of the provincial press'. In a long quotation on the front page: 'Charles Dickens made the practice famous, and Mr. Joseph Hatton has begun his platform career in the same modest, careful, and unpretentious way [...]'. (p.1, 'From General Press Notices').

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