[ Ferdinand Philippe, Duke of 'Orléans. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Ferdinand Philippe d'Orleans') to a general, pressing the claims of the Napoleonic War veteran Colonel Joseph Simon Pozac to the Croix de Commandeur of the Legion d'Honneur.

Ferdinand Philippe, Duke of Orléans [ Ferdinand Philippe Louis Charles Éric Rosalino d'Orléans ] (1810-1842) [ Joseph Simon Pozac (1780-1854), French army officer ]
Publication details: 
No place. May 1831.

1p., 12mo. Seventeen lines of closely-written text, with postscript. Slip of paper with biographical note in contemporary hand attached. He begins by stating that he has sent the 'differents papiers' of which he spoke that morning. He next reminds the recipient of 'l'affaire du brave colonel Pozac', regarding which 'vous avez bien voulu charger d'etre mon ambassadeur auprès du maréchal'. Pozac obtained the 'sabre d'honneur comme sr.

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