[Sir George Prothero, historian, as editor of the Quarterly Review.] Autograph Letter Signed (‘G. W. Prothero’) and dictated Manuscript Letter to Professor H. W. C. Davis regarding article on H. W. V. Temperley and Paris Peace Conference of 1919.

Sir George Prothero [Sir George Walter Prothero; Sir G. W. Prothero], English historian, editor of Quarterly Review [Henry William Carless Davis; Harold William Vazeille Temperley]
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7 November [1921] and 30 March 1922; each on letterhead of The Quarterly Review, 50A Albemarle Street, London, W.1.

In addition to the entry for Prothero in the Oxford DNB, see those of H. W. C. Davis (1874-1928) and H. W. V. Temperley (1879-1939), which reveal the interest all three had in the Paris Peace Conference of 1919. Both items in good condition, lightly aged. Each folded once. Both addressed to 'Davis'. ONE: 7 November [1921]. 4pp, 12mo. Dictated, and entirely (including signature) in the hand of an amanuensis.

Royal Adelphi Theatre programme for Doyle's play 'The House of Temperley'.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle [Royal Adelphi Theatre]
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['Weightman Mountain & Andrews, Ltd., Printers, 31 & 33 Victoria Street, Westminster, S.W. 14/2/10' [i.e. 14 February 1910].]

Dimensions roughly 26 x 20 cm. Four printed pages, in a bifolium, stapled into coloured illustrated covers. A scarce piece of theatre ephemera, in reasonable condition: creased, with rusted wraps and with one short closed tear to front cover, which carries the words 'Adelphi Theatre. Sole Proprietors, A. & S. Gatti.' and an illustration, painted in an impressionist style, of a fashionable group dining. Stamped 'Saturday Feb 19'. The back cover, also in colour, carries an advertisement for 'Vinolia Toilet Preparations', with an illustration, entitled 'Envy', by 'W.

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