[Sir George Prothero, historian, as editor of the Quarterly Review.] Autograph Letter Signed (‘G. W. Prothero’) and dictated Manuscript Letter to Professor H. W. C. Davis regarding article on H. W. V. Temperley and Paris Peace Conference of 1919.

Sir George Prothero [Sir George Walter Prothero; Sir G. W. Prothero], English historian, editor of Quarterly Review [Henry William Carless Davis; Harold William Vazeille Temperley]
Publication details: 
7 November [1921] and 30 March 1922; each on letterhead of The Quarterly Review, 50A Albemarle Street, London, W.1.

In addition to the entry for Prothero in the Oxford DNB, see those of H. W. C. Davis (1874-1928) and H. W. V. Temperley (1879-1939), which reveal the interest all three had in the Paris Peace Conference of 1919. Both items in good condition, lightly aged. Each folded once. Both addressed to 'Davis'. ONE: 7 November [1921]. 4pp, 12mo. Dictated, and entirely (including signature) in the hand of an amanuensis.

[Francis G. Pease's photographs of space, used by Edwin Hubble to identify new galaxies.] Five framed photographic astronomical prints of images by Pease, taken from Mount Vernon. Owned by Charles Chilton ('Journey into Space').

Francis G. Pease [Francis Gladheim Pease] (1881-1938), American astronomer at the Mount Wilson Observatory, California [Edwin Hubble [Edwin Powell Hubble] (1889-1953); Charles Chilton (1917-2013)]
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Mount Wilson Observatory, Los Angeles County, California, USA. None of the prints dated (1940s?). Two of the five photographic images dated 1919.

Five black and white prints, all laid down on mount and in glass frame. Later prints (1940s) rather than the early silver gelatin ones. Each with manuscript caption at foot of mount, and Negative Number written in manuscript on reverse of frame. Each print in excellent condition. All five behind glass in worn plain black frames. From the papers of Charles Chilton, the creator and producer of the influential BBC Radio series 'Journey into Space' (1953-1958), which numbered among its admirers Stephen Hawking and Colin Pillinger.

[Maharashtra, India, 1919.] 23 signed field maps and corrected exercises by trainee British Indian Army officer Lt A. W. Green, with duplicated notes on 'Military Operations on N.W. Frontier' and map of the 'Indrayani Valley' by Major C. E. Dease.

Lieut A. W. Green [British Army; military map-making; Indian Army, Maharashtra; North West Frontier Province, British India, 1919; Major C. E. Dease]
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[Maharashtra, India.] Items dating from between 11 February and 2 April 1919.

The collection is in good condition, on lightly aged and worn paper, and gives an invaluable insight into the training practices of the officer class of the British Army in India in the period immediately following the First World War. ONE: 23 autograph maps by Green, each drawn in pencil on a separate piece of graph paper (all around 21 x 26 cm). Each is signed by 'A W Green Lt | 2/95 Infy.', and each is dated in the bottom left-hand corner (for example, 'Light Poor. | Time 7 am. | 26-2-19.') Several of the maps carry 'Notes'.

First printing of his essay '[Ur-Gerausch]' ['Primal Noise'].

Rainer Maria Rilke
Publication details: 
In 'Das Inselschiff' (Leipzig: Im Insel-Verlag, October 1919).

The magazine consists of 48 pages, octavo, in original yellow printed wraps. Dogeared, and on aged paper, and with the grubby wraps quite heavily worn. 12mo publicity handbill loosely inserted. Rilke's contribution, dated 'Soglio, am Tage Mariae Himmelfahrt 1919', is on pp 14-20.

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