Two Signed Manuscript Legal Agreements with Sir Herbert Hay Langham, the first by the fraudster Walter Hastings Coward, the second by James Donaldson, regarding prospecting on the island of Madeira for 'Mines or Deposits of Chromium or Chrome Ore'.

Sir Herbert Hay Langham (1840-1909); Walter Hastings Coward; James Donaldson; William Lattey, London solicitor [chromium and chrome ore mining in the island of Madeira; prospecting]
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The agreement with Coward dated 31 October 1892; drawn up by Henry Lattey, 24 Cornhill, E.C., London. The agreement with Donaldson dated 26 July 1895.
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Both items in good condition, on lightly-aged paper. Neither is signed by Langham. ONE: Agreement with Coward, 1892. 1p., foolscap 8vo. On vellum paper with red embossed tax stamp. 'I Walter Hastings Coward hereby bind myself to disclose to Herbert Hay Langham all Chrome Ore or Chromium Mine that I may discover or otherwise acquire any right or share to or that I may have at present discovered or otherwise have acquired any right or share in the Island of Madeira'. Other undertakings by Coward include one to 'visit the said Island of Madeira for the purpose of getting samples on a first Shipment of such' and one not to 'sell or otherwise part with in any manner any property or share or interest in any rights or licenses in connection with any Mind, Mines or Deposits of Chromium or Chrome Ore in the said Island of Madeira'. For his part, Langham, 'agrees to pay the costs of the said Walter Hastings Coward visiting the said Island such visit to be made at such time as the said Herbert Hay Langham shall require'. Signed: 'Walter Hastings Coward', with a deletion initialed by him 'W. H. C.' At foot of page: 'Writers | Henry Lattey | 24 Cornhill. E.C. | Solr'. See The Times, 21 August and 15 September 1893 for Coward's guilty-plea to a charge of obtaining £1500 by false pretences, for which he was sentenced to 18 months hard labour. TWO: Agreement with Donaldson, 1895. Signed 'James Donaldson' and in his hand. 1p., foolscap 8vo. On ruled paper, with red 6d 'Postage and Revenue' stamp. Much the same as the Coward document, but with the final undertaking by Langham replaced by: 'And it is further agreed that whatever percentage of the profits is alloted to Walter Hastings Coward same to be equally divided between the said Sir Herbert Hay Langham and James Donaldson'.