[St James's Theatre, London.] 'Treasury Sheet' completed in manuscript, giving accounts for seven performances of '"By Candlelight" - Southampton', with 'Artistes' Salaries' including Leslie Howard and expenses for Max Miller and Gertrude Lawrence

St James's Theatre, Duke Street, St James's, London [Leslie Howard; Max Miller; Gertrude Lawrence]
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St James's Theatre [Duke Street, St James's, London]. 'Treasury Sheet for Week ending 31st August 1929'.
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On one side of a piece of 33 x 52 cm paper. In fair condition, on aged and worn paper. A form printed in black and red, completed in manuscript. Divided into sections on: Artiste's Salaries; Advertising; Stage Expenses; Front of House Expenses; Gas and Electricity; Printing & Stationery; Author's Fees; Miscellaneous; Receipts; Summary of Expenses. The 'Artiste's Salaries' were: Leslie Howard £20; Reginald Owen £40; Betty Schuster £20; Adrienne Allen £40; Robert English £15; Duncan McRae £15; Jack Carlton £8. Among the 'Miscellaneous' are: 'Gertrude Lawrence a/c £5 15s 6d', 'Mx Miller Hotel £26 7s 0d', '[Mx Miller] Flowers £4 2s 0d' and 'Betty Schuster Passport £2 0s 0d'. The final calculations read: 'Share £661 16s 6d | [less] Expenses - cash £272 0s 5d | [making] £389 16s 1d | Refunded £386 16s 6d | [plus] Refunded £2 19s 7d | [making] £389 16s 1d | £2 19s 7d included in item of £21 19s 7d, arrived as follows. | E. L. float £50 0s 0d | Less: Staff sals. £31 0d 0d | [making] £19 0s 0d | + Candle <?> refunded £2 19s 7d | [making] £21 19s 7d'.