[Clement Scott, theatre critic of the Daily Telegraph.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Clement Scott') to J. P. Brodhurst, editor of the St James's Budget, contradicting, for publication, a 'slanderous rumour' that he been bribed by a 'theatrical manager'

Clement Scott [Clement William Scott] (1841-1904), influential theatre critic of the Daily Telegraph [James Penderel Brodhurst (1859-1934), editor of the St James's Budget magazine, London]
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On letterhead of 15 Woburn Square, W.C. [London] 15 October 1895.
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2pp., 8vo. In good condition, on lightly aged and worn paper. The letter has been marked up in manuscript for publication, with the heading: 'Mr. Clement Scott: A Contradiction.' [last two words amended from 'An Explanation'] The letter begins: 'My Solicitors who advised me that the paragraph in your last issue connecting my name directly with a slanderous rumour to the effect that a well know dramatic critic had been bribed by a theatrical manager has handed me your letter of <?> date. | In it you say "I am <?> willing to insert any contradiction of the rumours referred to which Mr Clement Scott may wish to address to me.' Scott continues: 'My answer is that the rumour is base, unjustified and absolutely false. I should have thought my service of 35 years in a public position would have saved me from such unwarrantable slander but it seems to me that devotion to the drama in these days only increases the spite of the envious hangers on to its skirts'. He offers a reward for assistance in discovering the 'originator of this slander' and 'very formidable and disgraceful conspiracy'. In the final paragraph he criticises Austin Fryer for not having 'the pluck or moral courage' to retract, after inadvertently 'uttering [the] libel'.