[Sales of farm stock, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, 1844 and 1845.] Three manuscript lists of 'the goods and chattels of David Kauffman sold at public sale', describing articles sold, with prices and purchasers' names.

[David Kauffman of East Hempfield township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania; Pennsylvania Dutch; Mennonites of America]
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[East Hempfield township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.] Sales on 12 November 1844 and 25 February and 10 March 1845.
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For more information on the Kauffman family, see Alexander Harris's 'Biographical History of Lancaster County' (1872), pp.332-335. The family were Mennonites, and originated in Hesse. The most notable member was affluent farmer and bank president Abraham Cassel Kauffman (1799-1886), a member of the Pennsylvania legislature for the 1835, 1837 and 1843 sessions. 18pp., 8vo. Unbound. On five loose bifoliums (with remains of stitching still present). The leaves of one bifolium are separated from one another, and the order of the pages is probably disturbed. Otherwise in fair condition, on aged and worn paper. The first page is headed 'A list of the goods and chattels of David Kauffman sold at public sale on Tuesday the 12th day of November 1844'. A later page carries the heading: 'A list of the goods and chattels of David Kauffman sold at public sale on Tuesday the 25th day of February 1845', and another page is headed 'List of Sales Continued | Sold March 10th 1845 the following Articles'. Each page is arranged in four columns, headed 'Names', 'Articles', '$' and 'cts'. 8pp., 8vo. The first two entries read: 'Christian Peachy | 1 Dung fork 1 Double tree & single trees | $0 | 28 cts' and 'Christian Zook | 1 tongue chain | $0 | 15 cts'. Other purchasers include 'Christian Yoder (cooper)', Andew Dougherty, D. M. Contner, Isaac Watman, William R. Allison, Simeon Zook, John Gettys, Jacob Fultz, Nicholas Hartzler, Jacob Wooling, James McGriger, Isaac Olinkirk, Joseph Hosteller, William Cubbison, John Kurtz, George Knepp, Eliphas Biglove, John Signer, Jonathan Detwiler. The many articles purchased provide a valuable insight into the social history of the period and milieu, comprising the entire effects of a farm: animals, farming implements, domestic effects (thrashing machine; wind mill; rolling screen; 'sifter & shakeing fork'; '1 set plough gears'; heiffer; bull; cows; waggon & hay ladders; stove & pipe; butter crock; skillet; mason hammer; fish net; small dresser; swill barrell; mowing scythe; cheese hoop; pickle stand; spinning wheel; 'Lamp & colinder'; clover seed cradle; corner cupboard; sugar bowl; pie dishes; bed & bedstead; kitchen dresser; 'set britch bands & plates'; 'crock & Applebutter'. Part of one page is devoted to handwriting practice, and adhering to another is part of a United States postage stamp.