[ Pamphlet; Loudon, N.H. ] Report of the Selectmen of the Town of Loudon for the Year Ending March 14, 1854.

[ Concord ; Loudon; New Hampshire ]
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Concord: William Butterfield, Printer, 1854

16pp., 8vo, not bound as issued, stitched, some foxing, mainly good condition. Sections include "Town Accounts" (Town Credit (Cash of County, etc); Town Debtor (Expense of Highways; Pauper Expenses, etc); Standing of the Town (Available Resources, Farming Tools, Provisions, Indebtedness, Paupers' names, etc.); Town Credit; Town Debtor (inc. Stock bought, Groceries, Cloth, Work Hired, etc). (Printed) Names of Selectmen and Overseers of the Poor of Loudon conclude with date, 14 March 1854

[Sales of farm stock, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, 1844 and 1845.] Three manuscript lists of 'the goods and chattels of David Kauffman sold at public sale', describing articles sold, with prices and purchasers' names.

[David Kauffman of East Hempfield township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania; Pennsylvania Dutch; Mennonites of America]
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[East Hempfield township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.] Sales on 12 November 1844 and 25 February and 10 March 1845.

For more information on the Kauffman family, see Alexander Harris's 'Biographical History of Lancaster County' (1872), pp.332-335. The family were Mennonites, and originated in Hesse. The most notable member was affluent farmer and bank president Abraham Cassel Kauffman (1799-1886), a member of the Pennsylvania legislature for the 1835, 1837 and 1843 sessions. 18pp., 8vo. Unbound. On five loose bifoliums (with remains of stitching still present). The leaves of one bifolium are separated from one another, and the order of the pages is probably disturbed.

Report on the Metalliferous Lodes of the Wanerenooka and other Mines in the Neighbourhood of Northampton, Victoria District Western Australia. [With printed plan of a 'Portion of Wanerenooka Mining Property', signed and dated by Woodward.]

Bernard H. Woodward, F.G.S., Member of the Mineralogical Society of Great Britain, &c., &c. [Wanerenooka Mining Company; Western Australian mining]
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With printed date 'Perth, W.A. [Western Australia], 26th February, 1891.' Map dated by Woodward on the same day.

The report is printed on three pages of a bifolium with leaf dimensions roughly 30 x 21 cm. In small print. Both text and plan clear and complete. Both plan and map carry the faint 1 cm accession stamp of the Webster Collection, numbered in manuscript 4899. A scarce piece of Australiana, on grubby and stained paper, archivally repaired and tipped-in to cream paper folder. Describes the situation of the townships and mines, whose yields, both on the surface and at depth, he gives.

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