Final General Report on Hospital Construction and Management. Presented to both Houses of Parliament by His Excellency's Command.

Professor H. B. Allen, M.D. [Sir Harry Brookes Allen (1854-1926)] [Melbourne, Victoria, Australia; medicine, architecture]
Publication details: 
[1891. Victoria.] By Authority: Robert. S. Brain, Government Printer, Melbourne.

Folio (34 x 21 cm): 32 pp. With all eighteen foldout plans. Unbound and stapled. Text and plans clear and complete. In fair condition, with slight rust to staples and the last leaf (carrying Plan XVIII) loose. The report is addressed to 'The Honorable the Premier of the Colony of Victoria', and dated 'University of Melbourne, 2nd November, 1891. This is, as Allen sets out his aims in the first paragraph, explaining that he is submitting 'the Third and Final General Report concerning my visit to Great Britain and the Continent of Europe.

Water as a National Problem. This was the land! What have we done with it?

J. L. Callaghan, Chairman of the Rural Development Board and Member of the Irrigation Commission [Brisbane; Queensland; Australia; Percy Pease (1876-1940)]
Publication details: 
[1939.] David Whyte, Government Printer, Brisbane. ['Vital Problems Queensland has to Solve'.]

12mo (24 x 15 cm), 8 pp. Unbound stapled pamphlet. Text clear and complete. On aged and creased paper, with minor loss to blank area of corner of first leaf. Two stamps on front page: 'With the Compliments of P. Pease, M.L.A.' (in 1932 Pease had become Deputy Premier and Lands Minister') and 'Enclosure' box with manuscript dates 14 June and 24 July 1939. Red-ink 1 cm accession stamp of the Webster Collection on last page, numbered 4189.

Sketches of New South Wales', parts I to IV, extracted from four issues of 'The Saturday Magazine', each part illustrated, with three of the five illustrations depicting aboriginal Australians.

W. R. G.' [William Romaine Govett] [The Saturday Magazine; New South Wales, Australia; aborigines]
Publication details: 
Numbers: 247 (7 May 1836); 250 (28 May 1836); 252 (4 June 1836); 255 (25 June 1836). All four: 'LONDON: Published by JOHN W. PARKER, WEST STRAND; and sold by all Booksellers.'

On loose 8vo leaves, disbound from a volume. All articles clear and complete. The first three parts good, on aged paper; fourth part fair, on grubby paper with wear to extremities. The first four of a total of twenty articles. Part One (no.247, pp.177-179) is entitled 'Scenery of the Blue Mountains. - Govatt's Leap.' Signed in print 'W. R.

Report on the Metalliferous Lodes of the Wanerenooka and other Mines in the Neighbourhood of Northampton, Victoria District Western Australia. [With printed plan of a 'Portion of Wanerenooka Mining Property', signed and dated by Woodward.]

Bernard H. Woodward, F.G.S., Member of the Mineralogical Society of Great Britain, &c., &c. [Wanerenooka Mining Company; Western Australian mining]
Publication details: 
With printed date 'Perth, W.A. [Western Australia], 26th February, 1891.' Map dated by Woodward on the same day.

The report is printed on three pages of a bifolium with leaf dimensions roughly 30 x 21 cm. In small print. Both text and plan clear and complete. Both plan and map carry the faint 1 cm accession stamp of the Webster Collection, numbered in manuscript 4899. A scarce piece of Australiana, on grubby and stained paper, archivally repaired and tipped-in to cream paper folder. Describes the situation of the townships and mines, whose yields, both on the surface and at depth, he gives.

Bohemia (New Series) The Official Organ of the Bread and Cheese Club, Melbourne.

The Bread and Cheese Club, Melbourne, Australia [Joseph P. Quaine (d.1970), bookseller; Judge Alfred William Foster (1886-1962)]
Publication details: 
No. 5. Melbourne, 1st November, 1945. [Printed by J. Roy Stevens. Mebourne.]

4to, 4 pp. Bifolium. Complete issue, paginated 17-20. Good, on aged paper. The first page announces J. D. Corbett ('Writer of "Canberra Commentary" in "The Argus") as guest speaker ('And he's sure to be good'). The first of two articles on the second page is the report of a speech by 'His Honor Judge Foster'. The second article, under the heading 'A Blood and Thunder Merchant', is an interview, with small photograph, with 'the Sanguinary-minded Fellow J. P.

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