[Giuseppe Antonio Taruffi, Italian author, diplomat and chess player.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Taruffi'), in English, to 'a matchless Nobleman', regarding individuals including 'Canon Ghigiotti', 'Valiani, & Corallis', and 'the strangest varlet'..

Giuseppe Antonio Taruffi (1715-1786), Italian author, diplomat and chess player
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Vienna. 18 April 1768.
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1p, 4to. In good condition, lightly aged. Written in a clear and attractive hand. The recipient is not named. Begins: 'My dear & ever-honoured Friend! | Some business of great importance kept me nine days absent from this Capital. At my return I found your most obliging Letter of the 7th. instant, & was exceedingly delighted with your Kindness. You are indeed a matchless Nobleman.' He asks if the recipient is acquainted with Prince Charles of [Cunandia?], adding: 'I swear you knew the strangest varlet that ever was. It is pity. The Prince in spight of his ugly figure, is a man of wit, but his having been klapt in the Bastille does very little honour to his Conduct.' He next turns to 'Canon Ghigiotti', who has taken 'a trip to Ammerland, but shall be at Warsaw in a few days'. He hopes 'the Holy See was already informed with your title. The King of Poland, believe me, is more jealous than you of every thing that may become his greatness, & dignity. As to Canon Ghigiotti, be sure he loves you dearly as well as I.' He writes: 'We are longing for the persicate', before asking to be remembered 'to those good-natured Individuals Valiani, & Corallis'. Taruffi was author of a book on von Kempelen's celebrated hoax, the chess-playing 'automaton', the Turk.