[Samuel Foart Simmons, one of the 'mad doctors' of George III.] Autograph case notes for six women, made as physician to St Luke's Hospital, London.

Samuel Foart Simmons (1750-1813), physician, one of the 'mad doctors' of George III [St Luke's Hospital for Lunatics, Old Street, London]
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[St Luke's Hospital for Lunatics, Old Street, London.] Case notes for three of the patients only dated (date of admission?) July, September and December 1789. Others no year given. Notes (of examination?) dated to 8 and 15 January [1790].
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St Luke's Hospital for Lunatics was founded in 1750 by City of London philanthropists to treat mental illness among the poor of London. In 1786 it moved from Moorfields to Old Street, where it remained until 1916. Simmons was appointed physician to the hospital in 1781. 6pp, 16mo. A piece of laid watermarked paper has been neatly torn into three 16 x 10 cm leaves: a bifolium, with the single leaf loosely inserted. In good condition, lightly aged. A poignant artefact. Simple, brief notes, giving age, name, date [of admission], address, some with follow-up notes. The six women are 'Eliz. Midwinter' of Gloucestershire, aged 35; 'Rachel Solomon', no age or address; 'Catherine Ream', aged 21, no address; 'Eliz. Townsend', no age, Southwark; 'Margaret Brendly', aged 21, Coleman Street; 'Hannah Watman', aged 54, Cranbrook, Kent. Solomon has been 'Here several times before'; Townsend 'Has been insane 15 months' and is 'rejected'. Of Ream, Simmons writes: 'Her mother keeps a little shop & the patient has been incapable of attending it about two months. | p. 84. [troyen?] white'. Brendly 'was low spirited from a five months - was a servant till October last - is now maniacal - not hereditary - Has been affected by methodism & a love affair -'. Watman 'at nineteen was a short time insane but continued well afterwards till the above date - sober - industrious -'