[Sir Frederick Ouseley, Professor of Music, Oxford University.] Autograph Letter Signed concerning requirements for an Oxford degree in music, appended to printed notice by him: ‘University of Oxford. Directions for Candidates for Degrees in Music.'

Sir Frederick Ouseley [Sir Frederick Arthur Gore Ouseley] (1825-1889), Anglican composer, church musician and musicologist, Professor of Music at Oxford University
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Notice dated 'OXFORD, / March, 1878.' Autograph Letter undated, but from around the same time.
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See his entry in the Oxford DNB. The ALS, whose recipient is not identified, is appended on the last page of the printed notice, which is 4pp, foolscap 8vo, on a bifolium. In good condition, lightly aged. The notice is headed 'University of Oxford. / Directions for Candidates for Degrees in Music.' and signed in type at the end 'Frederick Arthur Gore Ouseley, / Professor of Music. / Oxford, / March, 1878.' Divided into sections concerning a bachelor's and doctor's degree. The ALS, on the last page, reads: 'Dear Sir / You will see by this paper that your Dublin B.A. will not help you at all at Oxford. But it would save you all preliminary examn. if you wished to graduate in Music at Dublin - a course which I should therefore recommend. I am / Your's faithfully / Frederick A Gore Ouseley'.