Engraved coloured lithographic portrait, 'Drawn from Nature by J. W. Childe' and engraved by Charles James Hullmandel (1789-1850).

Richard Lemmon Gregory, 'The Respected Librarian at MR. LODER'S ESTABLISHMENT, North St. Brighton.' [Robert Loder; Circulating Libraries]
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Published by R. Loder, North Street, Sepr. 12th. 1828.'
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Dimensions of paper roughly eight and a half inches by six and a half wide. Illustration roughly five and a half inches by five wide. Good on slightly aged and creased paper. A grey-haired Gregory, fashionably dressed in striped waistcoat and cravat, and wearing a white apron, stares at the viewer while holding a book in his left hand and writing its details in a ledger with a quill in his right hand. BBTI gives Robert Loder's trading dates as 1822-39, and Gregory's as 1793-1851.