[ John Loder, English stage and Hollywood actor. ] Black and white studio photograph by Cyril Leeston of London, showing Loder in costume of the film 'Java Head' (1934), with signed inscription by Loder to 'Mrs. Wright'.

John Loder [ William John Muir Lowe ] (1898-1988), English stage and Hollywood actor [ Cyril Leeston, London photographer ]
Publication details: 
Stamp on reverse of Cyril Leeston, London. Undated (1934).

A black and white print, 24 x 19 cm. In good condition, lightly aged and worn. Shows Loder in top hat and nineteenth-century frock coat, with cane. Inscribed: 'To Mrs. Wright | With sincere good wishes | from | John Loder.' In pencil on reverse: 'Capt. William | Java Head | J. K. 67 | For Mrs Wright | Stills'. Stamped on reverse: 'CYRIL LEESTON | LONDON | TELEPHONE 3884 PADDINGTON'. This image is not in the National Portrait Gallery collection, nor is any other by Leeston.

Engraved coloured lithographic portrait, 'Drawn from Nature by J. W. Childe' and engraved by Charles James Hullmandel (1789-1850).

Richard Lemmon Gregory, 'The Respected Librarian at MR. LODER'S ESTABLISHMENT, North St. Brighton.' [Robert Loder; Circulating Libraries]
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Published by R. Loder, North Street, Sepr. 12th. 1828.'

Dimensions of paper roughly eight and a half inches by six and a half wide. Illustration roughly five and a half inches by five wide. Good on slightly aged and creased paper. A grey-haired Gregory, fashionably dressed in striped waistcoat and cravat, and wearing a white apron, stares at the viewer while holding a book in his left hand and writing its details in a ledger with a quill in his right hand. BBTI gives Robert Loder's trading dates as 1822-39, and Gregory's as 1793-1851.

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