Handbill poem, entitled 'The Regency, A New Song in Honour of His Majesty and the Prince of Wales. Tune - "Hearts of Oak." '

G. M'Ardell, printer, Newcastle-street, Strand [the madness of King George III; King George IV; the Prince Regent]
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[Undated, but between 1810 and 1820.] London: Printed by G. M'Ardell, Newcastle-street, Strand.
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Printed on one side of a piece of rough wove paper, approximately 24 x 10.5 cm. Text clear and entire on aged, creased paper. A production in favour of the Prince Regent, with no trace of sarcasm apparent. Consists of six four-line stanzas, each followed by the chorus 'Hearts of Oak, &c.' First stanza reads 'Come cheer up my lads, we'll no longer repine, | United, we'll triumph - OUR CAUSE is divine! | May the KING to his senses, once more be restor'd, | And the REGENT, his Son, live for ever ador'd.' Last stanza: 'Then rejoice, my good fellows, we've weather'd the storm; | From Valour flows Peace, and from Wisdom, Reform - | United and Happy, we'll cheerfully sing - | Our Sailors, our Soldiers, our REGENT, and KING.' M'Ardell, who was active around 1809-1810, does not feature in BBTI or COPAC.