[ The Russian Revolution: Sir John Pollock and the Fund to Provide Comforts for British Refugees from Bolshevist Russia.] Notebook with miscellaneous entries, many of them relating to the Fund, including a draft appeal, details of individual cases/

Sir John Pollock [ Sir Frederick John Pollock, 4th Baronet ] (1878-1963), author and journalist [ Fund to Provide Comforts for British Refugees from Bolshevist Russia; Russian Revolution ]
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[ 95 Bedford Court Mansions, London. ] 1920 and 1921.

The author is not named, but this item is from the papers of Sir John Pollock, and is in his autograph. Sir (Frederick) John Pollock (1872-1963), 4th Baronet of Hatton (Eton; Trinity College, Cambridge; Harvard Law School) is a strangely-neglected figure. His brief obituary in The Times (23 July 1963) is headed 'Playwright and Author', but the best account of his career is the one he himself contributed to Who's Who. Pollock took great interest in Russian affairs, his numerous works including 'War and Revolution in Russia' in 1918, and 'The Bolshevik Adventure' the following year.

Trial of Sacco and Vanzetti, 1921. ] Printed 'Report to the Governor [ of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Michael S. Dukakis ] in the Matter of Sacco and Vanzetti', with letter from the Governor's Press Office and photostat of pardon.

[ Daniel A. Taylor, Chief Legal Counsel, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts; the 1921 Trial of Sacco and Vanzetti; Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti, Italian-American anarchists ]
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Introduction by Daniel A. Taylor, Chief Legal Counsel, The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Executive Department, State House, Boston, dated 13 July 1977.

[1] + 38pp., 4to. Stapled in brown printed wraps. In good condition, lightly aged and worn. In his introduction Taylor explains: 'The accompanying Report has been prepared under the auspices of the Office of the Governor's Legal Counsel in response to your questions: first, as to whether there are substantial grounds for believing - at least in light of the criminal justice standards of today - that Sacco and Vanzetti were unfairly convicted and executed, and, second, if so, what action can now appropriately be taken.

[Pamphlet by Richard Cobden-Sanderson, inscribed by the author.] Poems by Jessie Grosvenor.

Jessie Grosvenor [Richard Cobden-Sanderson (1884-1964), printer and publisher]
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Richard Cobden Sanderson, 17 Thavies Inn [London]. 1921. [Woods & Sons, Ltd., Printers, Upper St., London, N.1.

23 + [1]pp., 12mo. Stitched, in blue printed wraps. Aged and worn, with creasing to wraps and fly-leaf, which is inscribed 'Ivor James | from | J. A. Grosvenor | May 20. 1921.' Excessively scarce: the only copy on COPAC or OCLC WorldCat at the British Library.

[Printed item.] London School of Economics and Political Science. (University of London.) [....] Announcements Summer Term, 1920-21.

[London School of Economics and Political Science. (University of London.)]
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ondon School of Economics and Political Science. (University of London.) Clare Market, Portugal Street, Kingsway, W.C.2. [Printed by St. Clements Press Ltd., Portugal Street, Kingsway, W.C.2.] [London, 1920.]

8pp., 12mo. Stapled. Aged and creased. On first page: 'It is not proposed to issue a complete programme for the Summer Term. This leaflet contains all additions and alterations in the announcements of lectures, classes and seminars made in the School Calendar, together with the General Time Table for the current Term.' The table covers the last four pages, and gives details of the Time; Short Title; Lecturer; No. of Course; Date of beginning. Lectures include 'The Constitution of the United States' by 'Prof. Westermarck', 'Economic History from 1485 (Class)' by 'Mr.

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