[ Soviet Invasion of Czechoslovakia, 1968. ] Duplicated typed document issued by 'Kilburn VSC', titled 'Czechoslovakia - A Marxist Analysis'.

Kilburn Vietnam Solidarity Campaign [ VSC ] [ Soviet Invasion of Czechoslovakia, 1968; Aubrey Walter? ]
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At foot: 'published by Kilburn VSC, 329a West End Lane, London NW6' [ 1968 ].

1p., folio. Printed in red. Sixty lines of text. In fair conditon, lightly aged and worn. The first paragraph reads: 'The Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia has provoked the expected emotional outburst from the reformist Left, tailing as usual behind the hypocritical phrases of the British ruling class, who weep over "poor Czechoslovakia" while actively supporting the 100-times-worse suffering inflicted by the US on the Vietnamese.

[Printed anti-Vietnam War handbill.] "October 27th March to U.S. Embassy."

[October 27 Committee for Solidarity with Vietnam; the Vietnam War; Ho Chi Minh]
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'Issued by: OCTOBER 27 COMMITTEE FOR SOLIDARITY WITH VIETNAM | 1, Temple Fortune Mansions, London, N.W.11.' [Printed by Fermaprint Ltd., 17 Fleet Street, E.C.4.'], 1968.

Printed in black on one side of a piece of 32 x 20.5 cm paper. Fold mark. In good condition, lightly aged and worn. Illustration of Viet Cong holding up an AK47 in top right-hand corner. Dense text beginning: 'The heroic People's Liberation Armed Forces and the people of South Vietnam are trouncing the Americann aggressors, the main enemy of the people of the world.' Sections headed: 'PEOPLE'S VICTORIES IN SOUTH VIETNAM', 'BRITISH IMPERIALISM - U.S. STOOGE' and 'FALSE SOLIDARITY AND ACTUAL BETRAYAL'. Slogans at foot of page: 'U.S.

Autograph journal of a 'Trip to Singapore' from Johannesburg, by an unnamed female doctor (presumably the wife of the South African political activist Basil Stein).

[Journal of a trip to Singapore from Johannesburg, South Africa, 1967-1968; Basil Stein (1928-2012), South African political activist]
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From Johannesburg, South Africa, to Singapore. 21 October 1967 to 31 January 1968.

57pp., 4to. In ruled notebook, with marbled boards and brown cloth spine. In very good condition, on lightly-aged paper. A light, observant account of a holiday, with details of her pastimes, the individuals she encounters, social engagements. First page headed 'Trip to Singapore Oct. 1967'. The first entry begins: '21st Oct. Left Jburg by train at 6.30 PM Ben [her husband] saw me off - gave me a box of Lindt chocs! but still could not refrain from pointing out how expensive they were.

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