[Cecil Aldin, artist of hunting scenes, animals and rural life.] Autograph Note Signed ('Cecil Aldin'), sending 'p o – o & stamps' in settlement of an account.

Cecil Aldin [Cecil Charles Windsor Aldin] (1870-1935), artist and illustrator of animals, hunting scenes and rural life
Publication details: 
On letterhead of 47 Priory Road, Bedford Park, W. [London] No date.

1p, 12mo. In good condition, lightly aged. The slightest loss to margin at one edge. Good bold signature. Reads: 'Dear Sir | Enclosed please find p. o – o [i.e. postal order?] & stamps in settlement of enclosed | Yrs faithfully | Cecil Aldin'.

[ Publisher's Catalogue; Dulac, Rackham,Russell Flint, Heath Robinson et al ] Hodder and Stoughton's ART CALENDARS

[ Dulac, Rackham, Heath Robinson et al ] Hodder and Stoughton, publishers
Publication details: 
Calendars for 1911.

Two pages, 66 x 17cm, folded, unbound as issued, all printed in green,separated pages formerly held together by a staple which rusted, It comprises information about thirteen Calendars after the above title and some introductory words, with an image of the front. For example, the first item is "The Arabian Nights Calendar By Edmund Dulac", introduced by the words "Here is a magnifient Calendar for admirer's of Edmund Dulac's superb drawings", followed by an image of the front of the calendar, 7 x 5cm, itself followed by more information such as size, and "Six plates in colour".

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